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Product Assembly - Manufacturing

Esino is known for its commitment to quality, speed, and cost-effectiveness in manufacturing. With our highly experienced team, we have successfully assisted over 100 clients in fulfilling their manufacturing needs.

Automatic Assembly

Esino reduces production time and manufacturing costs with our automatic assembly machines, including the screw fastening machine, are designed for precise and rapid operation, particularly at high volumes, optimizing production efficiency.

  • Extensive experience in automatic assembly processes

  • Highly skilled team with expertise in automated assembly techniques

  • Utilization of advanced equipment and technologies for efficient assembly

  • Ability to handle complex assembly tasks with precision and accuracy

  • Streamlined workflow to ensure smooth and fast automated assembly

  • Consistent focus on quality control throughout the automated assembly process



Esino has zero-tolerance for quality problems. Quality is the foundation of the Esino and the life of the Esino. Our employees embrace a culture of precision, upholding the highest standards in their work.We diligently prevent any inferior products from entering the market. 


Working with Esino ensures that you receive guaranteed quality. As a testament to our dedication, Esino's manufacturing center has attained the ISO9001:2015 quality system certification and ISO13485 medical system certification. Many of our products have achieved various internationally recognized certification standards.



We have 6 assembly lines and various machines to assemble your products as fast as possible. We optimize our production chain to efficiently move through each of your product manufacturing stages.


Strategically situated in the heart of the world's largest supply chain, our factory has access to a wide range of quality components at competitive prices. This advantageous location allows us to manufacture your product at the most cost-effective price point, ultimately maximizing profit margins for your business

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