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Product Concept Design 

We don't just create designs based on your initial concept; we go beyond your expectations.

Esino USA transforms your idea into industrial design through comprehensive engineering, aiming for user-friendliness, cost-effectiveness, and innovation.


What We Offer

How We Take Your Product To The Next Level

  • Highly Skilled Engineering Team:  Our team consists of over 20 engineers with expertise in electrical, mechanical, industrial, materials, and robotics engineering.

  • Comprehensive Expertise: We cover a range of disciplines including design strategy, research & analysis, product aesthetics, human factors design, CAD modeling, color, and material. 

  • Collaborative Product Development: We assign project managers to each project and work closely with the client to understand their vision and requirements for the perfect product.

  • Precise Component Functionality: Each component is meticulously designed and tested to ensure it functions precisely as envisioned.

"We ensure each component of your product functions precisely as you envision it."


- Nick Wu (CEO)

Step 1: 

Brainstorm, Research, Ideation

Considers requirement of mass production, electronics and mechanical engineering

Step 2: 

Design Concept Refinement

Finalize your favorite concept   of the product aesthetics and functionalities.

Step 3:

Produce the Final 2D Drawing

Sets the stage for the next phase with a tangible deliverable

Step 4:

Computer-aid Design Modeling

Explore and refine the design in a virtual environment, ensuring accuracy and feasibility.

Design Process

Discussion and Requirements

Concept Discussion, Design File, Materials List, Product Description.


Quick Design

Initial Product Sketch | Structure Optimization


Build Prototype

Acquire Components | 3D Print Unique Parts | Assemble Prototype


User Evaluation

Beta Testing | User Feedback | Functionality Analysis


Refining Prototype

Make Adjustments | Improve Functions | Design Evolution | Documentation


Implement and Maintain


​Do you have an idea that needs design? 

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