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Esino’s New IT Department Is Modernizing The Way We Do Business

Updated: Jun 23, 2023

IRVINE, Calif., July 27th, 2021 — At the start of 2021, Esino’s in-house IT department was created. This department works on popular software programs to serve as a development center for digital research and data analytics. These professionals work with our customers on the development of customized systems to benefit their unique digital needs. This new team has allowed Esino to go paperless and have a completely digitized system that promotes efficiency. The primary objective of this department is to be a data analysis center. Recognizing past trends is essential to creating product and research developments that will be attractive to our customers. Another responsibility of the IT department is to maintain the security software which keeps Esino and its customers safe from harm. Using state-of-the-art information security, Esino is able to guarantee that confidential files remain confidential.

Esino’s President has been extremely pleased with the IT department’s ability to quickly execute every task they have been given in this first year of their incorporation. Especially so with the new patent management system. Esino holds many patents and this technology allows for efficient regulatory compliance with the governing bodies all across the globe. With the recent trend of all information going digital, it is vital for Esino to fund and grow the IT department so we can stay on the cutting edge of information analysis. The better that we understand the world around us, the better we can meet our customers’ needs. Esino’s IT department is composed of young and dedicated programmers who are equipped with their own office and state-of-the-art computer and collaborative equipment. Esino is now experiencing the benefits of having our own IT department however we want to caution those who do not. If a company does not have its own IT department it will not have the ability to quickly program its digital systems, interpret logistical issues, protect confidential information, analyze data, and get the most out of its computing systems. Modern trends have confirmed that the world is moving more and more towards complete digitization, so it is vital to have team members that are masters of computing, and software technologies.

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