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2,000 Masks Donated to Robert Wood Johnson University Hospital and Somerset County Department of Hea

Esino understands the risk that is presented by a shortage of masks and wanted to ensure those who truly need them are able to obtain them. Team members took a close look at organizations that were experiencing a shortage of PPE supplies, such as masks, and distributed these items to those organizations. These donations included 1,000 masks each to Robert Wood Johnson University Hospital in Somerset and the Somerset County Department of Health, as well as over 1,000 masks to a number of individuals, smaller businesses and families who were in need. Esino will be distributing more masks and is asking anyone who may need them to contact them to make arrangements. To date, the Robert Wood Johnson University Hospital already distributed just over 4,000 masks while providing education on COVID prevention methods at First Baptist Church of Lincoln Gardens in Somerset.

Esino strives to bring ideas to life through their innovative manufacturing solutions and ultra-responsive service to their customers. As their way of saying thank you to the community around them and to help support community members in this time of crisis, the company saw fit to take this important step to helping the individuals living and working in the area stay safe and healthy.

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